Some of the Most Popular Honey Varieties

Different kinds of honey are produced in every state in America. But, some special kinds of honey are only made in a few locations. Honey is also made in most countries around the world, and each country has their own favorite type.

For example, consumers in France prefer honey that’s been harvested from lavender flowers, and people from Greece prefer honey that’s been produced from the wild thyme plant.

When bees are able to access large areas of just one type of flower, like buckwheat or clover, they will produce a honey that has a certain color, and flavor that’s typical for that particular plant. This is called monofloral honey. Bees can also make blended honey when they combine different pollens from areas that have many different flowers. Different honey types can also be blended together when they are processed to create a special flavor.

In the United States, there are more than three hundred unique honey varieties available, each coming from a distinct floral source. The color of honey can range from nearly colorless to a darkish brown color. The flavors can vary from very mild to very strong, based on where the honeybees live. In most cases, light-colored honey will have a milder flavor and darker colored honey will have a stronger flavor.

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